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If you have multiple branches in one country or world-wide you may be facing some serious Reconciliation and Data Consolidation issues. You might have global database or your branches exchange emails/spreadsheets in any case most likely your data has reconciliation and completeness issues and there is an area for improvement.

We have a solution called Automated Turn Around Document system. The name originated from a paper document prepared for re-entry into the computer system and later evolving into an Excel spreadsheet with formats, macros and even formulas sent around or rather back and forth during reporting period until the data is cleared and approved.

AutoTAD is a global process flow and data management system where the data can be compartmentalised and stored either locally within the branch/department of the company or warehoused on a global database or web server, by close of the reporting period the relevant data automatically gets submitted to the main office for review/approval and circulated back to the branches if required. It ensures your figures are correct and in agreement.
AutoTAD is role-based access and functionality system, it has built-in internal audit of the events and employees, complete data governance, review and approval by relevant managers as well as robust intranet messaging system providing efficient way of communications and reminders plus escalations through the chain of command when required.

The AutoTAD can be customised for virtually any type and size of business and offered as web service as well. There are a few standard reconciliation reports already built into the system along with ad-hoc reports functionality, and we can build various custom reports and accommodate major database platforms.

We offer configurable style user friendly multi-document interface and every form can be flexibly customised for your requirements. You can request online demo/tutorial of the system or remote session to fully evaluate the AutoTAD.

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