BlackSoft offers Tailored Solutions in the areas of

  • Custom Software Development including urgent Software Development
  • Business Analysis and Requirements
  • Software Prototyping
  • Troubleshooting/Problem Solving
  • Technology Consulting
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Websites and Web Applications
  • Web Portals/Services for our products
  • Hardware Upgrades

We develop Software Systems for

  • Risk and Analytics (Financial, Operational)
  • Performance Measurement and Calculations
  • Hypercubes and Business Intelligence
  • Business Process and Office Management for any business and specifically for Law and Litigations
  • Compliance, Reporting and Reconciliation
  • Regulatory Reporting for Financial Institutions
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Flow and Document Management
  • Data Governance and Warehousing
  • Data Acquisition, Firmware and Process Control
  • Accurate Image Recognition, including Facial and Fingerprints Recognition Systems
  • Sophisticated dynamic content websites for businesses like Real Estate, Hotel Management, Tourism, News and Retail
What is Boutique Software Development Company?

This is 100% Custom Software Development only taken to the next level. Our mission is creating high-end software systems and providing consulting services which are customer-oriented, individually approached and attuned to the customer specific requirements. Comparing to high-end Clothing Boutique, your software will be custom designed, tailored and implemented guided by your requirements and specifics of your business, no cookie cutter solutions! There is good reason for this - no business is the same even if they operate in the same domain you will always need something that others do not. There truly cannot be any "template", and do not be fooled with fancy technologies and techniques or some "miraculously" "fit-it-all" software development methods. There are none, except for creative, honest and structured approach a few companies follow nowadays and this is trending, read details on TechoMag.com.

Hence whether we build your system from scratch or customise our existing product for you, we will always start at the blank drawing board and get a detailed picture of what exactly you need with "can do" attitude very much like high-end couturier does it.
Our team will build for you high quality custom software solution times faster than the competition!

How? Quality code matters to us and it should matter to you, but what is quality programming? Adherence to some standards? Technique? No.. not really... What matters is your system's performance and ability to add on. Your application will be built not only to meet your existing requirements but flexible and mindful of your future ones. When you need that change you will rest assured it will be done quickly and efficiently. We can have ongoing support agreement with you or if you prefer we can develop configuring tools for your software so you will make some changes on your own without coding. This is important when you want to add new features, platforms, or make updates.

Now just a few words about our superior performance claim. In addition to best coding practices in terms of scalability, flexibility and maintenance, our development techniques are very unique. This is not Agile, Waterfall, Rational or Lean, those are just fashion terms, in reality we a software developer just have to understand what you need us to develop for that we have business analysts with math, business and finance degree who will iron out the requirements until there are no wrinkles. Then we have our developers familiar with computers down to machine codes and having a knack developing software mindful of those computers structuring the data and using the most processor friendly algorithms, so no tick gets wasted, no unnecessary line of code is created. After you work with our Applications you will understand the words "performance matters" and the fact that it is not your computer slows it down, but poorly written software. You will be amazed what you old computer can do!

We are full Systems Development Life Cycle Shop!

We work through entire SDLC process and cut no corners. SDLC

How it works:

  • Initiation. You provide us with your requirements or just ideas
  • We develop a concept for you having our analysts working side by side with you to identify your requirements and if needed even build a Proof of Concept prototype
  • We present you our solution and cost estimates
  • If you accept we go into planning process with you and present a budget and a project plan
  • After signing formal contractual agreement we formalise the requirements and proceed to design stage involving our development team very closely
  • Once our developers know what they need to they take over and develop software
  • Software gets Unit Tested and we do System Integration after the work is done
  • We install it on your turf and help you with User Acceptance Testing and provide high quality documentation
  • After you have your system up and running we provide system and customer support, training if required, maintenance, upgrades and more
  • We adhere to usual SDLC standards with exception of being your boutique service provider we collaborate with your every step and many things can be changed or customised on fly. Also since we have a small team everybody is involved in a process: development will know what business analysts are working on before the requirements are formalised; business analysts and testers will be involved through the entire development process, which improves performance and quality of the final product

Please Contact Us to get more information about what we do and how we do it.

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Tell us about your project - be it a well defined requirements specification, a functional description or just a higher-level idea about a software or system you need to have built - share it with us. We will allocate experienced business analysts to process your request and work with you interactively on solidifying your requirements so we can propose you a solution or even build a prototype during Proposal Phase.


We respect your privacy, and will not share any of your information with any 3rd party without your permission.

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