BlackSoft offers several software suites which can be customised for particular client's requirements



High efficiency hypercube system with built-in reports and views configurable for a range of complexity in calculations, data dimensions and data volumes from modest to very large: it caters to a small distribution company as well as to a large Financial Institution mandated to comply with Regulatory requirements for thorough data governance and data retention in any case it can give you a performance measurement tool that provides you with timely and reliable metrics and analytics, forecasting, reporting and data retention over multiple business dimensions: time, geography, lines of business, products, customers and many more at a reasonable price where you only pay for the functions and features you need!

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AutoTAD is a robust global multi-branch business process control, reconciliation (both financial and operational) and data governance system where the data can be compartmentalised and stored either locally within the branch/department of the company or warehoused on a global database or even web server, by close of the reporting period the relevant data automatically gets submitted to the head office for review, approval, GL submission and circulated back to the branches. required.
Furthermore it comes with custom risk, analytical and compliance reporting.
AutoTAD is role-based access and functionality system, it has built-in internal audit of the events and employees, complete data governance, review and approval process.
AutoTAD original version was developed for Financial Institution, configurable for any business.

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DMS Small Business


DMS is efficient Document Management System with configurable functionality including organising, version control, archiving, scanning and precision OCR functionality with multi-language support.
This suite can be partly or entirely included into any of our other systems and customised for any size of the business.
DMS functionality includes:

  • Creating and storing various document types
  • Optical Character Recognition with multi-lingual support
  • Searching an entire library of files by individual keywords and much more...
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Office Management System


OMS is offered as tailored role centric business management system helping you organise and run your business smoothly including management of employees, clients, finances, documents, inventories and appointments in order to maintain and improve efficiency and productivity. It includes configurable roles and access for certain roles to the system, easy set up of the alerts and reminders; organising your company documents which reduces paper and lessens impact on the environment and keeping all your important documents, invoices and client data safe, organised and backed up so you can always find information you need with a few keystrokes or mouse clicks.

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Law Office Management System


Law Office Management — role centric Law Firm management System based on the generic OMS but also addressing Law specifics like client management, conflicts of interest identification, court cases, attorney court appearances and litigations.
Key functions:

  • Schedules and Appointments
  • Internal Messaging and Reminders
  • CRM and Billing
  • Employee Management
  • Audit and Much More...
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Logistics +


Logistics+ is complete supply chain, warehouse, order, customer and stock management system with configurable functionality including, but not limited to

  • Accounting and Invoicing
  • Configurable Roles and Access
  • Inventory Management, including Multi-Location
  • Mobile Purchase Catalogue and Order Processing
  • Deliveries and Supplies Management
  • Fleet Management
  • CRM and Supplier Relationship Management
  • Electronic Document Management

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