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Featuring our popular product: Law Office Management System

Law Office is a very busy and dynamic place, think of it as a regular business management but the responsibilities and the accuracy requirements for everything the staff does doubles or triples comparing to any non-legal practice. Price of any misplaced document or missed appointments is very high!
Our system includes everything a law firm needs in a management of its operations, it will work for you as Legal matters savvy Business Manager ensuring everything runs smoothly. LOMS is as always role centric system allowing you to configure specific Legal Practice roles and set up their access rights, functions and responsibilities. The major functions include but not limited to:

  • Roles and Access Management
  • Database Management
  • Systems Administration
  • Client Suite, including Conflict of Interests identification and Case management
  • Billing and Accounting
  • Firm Ledger and Reporting
  • Human Resources
  • Billing and Payroll
  • Comprehensive Document Management
  • Advanced OCR and Creation of Searchable Documents
  • Advanced Search Engine
  • Form/Template Design
  • Appointments and Schedules
  • Case Management
  • Intenal Messaging and Reminders
  • Courts and Litigations Management

The System Functions or their Modules themselves are also flexibly configurable as we know some of them your business needs some - does not. It is normal when working with us asking to modify or develop new features or modules for you, or limit the number of functions to only ones you really need. Unlike other systems, we help you make own informed decision on what functionality you want to use without penalising you

LOMS can incorporate up to all modules of our DMS suite and you will only pay for extra module to LOMS and not for the entire DMS suite!

LOMS is user-friendly and very easy to learn, requires no computer wizardry or special skills to get a knack of it. It simply does many things for you without any fuss and with maximum efficiency. Appearance is configurable as well with several attractive styles to choose from for maximum appeal.

Our System is scalable too - whether you’re a three peoplepractice or a large multi-branch global Law Firm, LOMS can grow or shrink with you. Our pricing is also scalable and not necessarily depending on your size, number of computers and modules you chose, but we will work with you to meet your budget and business growth goals.

You can request online demo of the system in a form of remote session to fully evaluate the Law Office Management System

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