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What Is a Document Management System?
Document management system can be compared to electronic filing cabinets that provide a framework for organising all digital and paper documents. Our system works in tandem with scanners, which convert paper documents into digital versions and allows you creating well organised PDF documents straight out of scanner, previously scanned and saved images, your electronic attachments and faxed images.

There is more! We incorporated OCR engine into our software which allows you recognising images into text for storing, organising or further work with them as doc files and enabling search capabilities. We built sophisticated search engines so our Document Management system allows quick access to any document or file.

We have created many features and functions, some of them you need some - do not. You will have configurable functions, choose getting all of them, ask us to develop new ones for you, or limit the number of functions to only ones you really need. Everything is flexible, and most of reasonable requests will be accommodated.

DMS major functions:

  • Creating and storing various document types, including word-processing files, emails, PDFs and spreadsheets
  • Optical Character Recognition with multi-lingual support (baseline version includes English and Spanish)
  • Searching an entire library of files by individual keywords
  • Restricting access to certain documents
  • Monitoring who is viewing documents and when
  • Tracking edits being made to documents
  • Retrieving previous versions of edited documents
  • Controlling and regulating when out-of-date documents can be deleted
  • Accessing, editing and sharing documents, including multi-platform mobile devices

DMS can be partly or up to all its modules incorporated into our other suites and you will only pay for extra modules you need and not for the entire DMS suite!

Baseline version caters to small or mid size business, but can be expanded for a large business suite with web, cloud and multi-platform device storage capabilities with extra security and files encryption.

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