Whether you are a Financial Institution mandated to comply with Regulatory requirements such as Basel, FATCA, G20 to name a few where you have to produce accurate reporting, perform and present regulatory calculations, thorough data governance and lengthy data retention or you are just small size distribution company you know you need performance measurement tool that provides you with timely and reliable metrics and analytics, forecasting, reporting and data retention over multiple business dimensions: time, geography, lines of business, products, customers and many more.
Maybe you already have an OLAP cube system but it cannot keep up with your timing requirement, in other words it is too slow! May be it cannot keep up with your frequently changing rules and formulas, it other words the vendor needs to hard code them into the application and either refuses or grossly overcharges you!

If you are this company – HCube-It is the right product for you. We can offer you time and money saving fully customisable system which will fit your business needs and budget. Nothing you do not need, nothing inflated, only the features you really require. We will customise our product for you and you can manage doing many things like changing business hierarchies, metrics or formulas with no coding – no kidding!

HCube-It is completely different from any performance measurement, OLAP or hyper-cube software available on the market; it can handle virtually any number of measurement points over any number of dimensions and provide you with user friendly reports and analytics as scarcely or as frequently as you need. HCube-It can recalculate every minute if required and you will not have time to go get a cup of coffee before viewing the reports. Calculating a small cube of roughly 20 million points takes about 200 milliseconds and saving the entire cube to the database not more than 7 seconds.
How we do it? First of all HCube-It is using most processor friendly algorithms, the system thinks the way computer's processor thinks and values every tick so to speak. Hcube-it is not database centric, in our system database is a tool that helps storing data, and for that purpose any database of your choice can do, or if you let us choose it would be MS SQL for deployed Hcube-it and MySQL for web version.

We simply need to know your business requirements (which our analysts can also help you build), we need to know your data volumes and structures, we will build pre-cube processing from either feed files or we can also configure HCube-It system to work with any data acquisition system be it creating the file feeds, including something as real time market feeds or connecting to measuring equipment in case you require real time data monitoring and control.

We will not do the following:

  • Inflate price of HCube-It system because of your “non-standard requirements”
  • Push you to purchasing expensive computers and third party applications for the “sake of performance”
  • Tell you “it cannot be done” in vane

We will instead:

  • Use efficient algorithms which can utilise full power of your existing computers, most projects will be running to your full satisfaction on any computer even your old single core 1.7Ghz laptop. For comparison highly sophisticated system having billion of calculation points might require 4-6 cores hyper-threading Intel processor (which costs around $500 USD)
  • If you prefer to go with more economical and hassle free option instead of having HCube-It deployed on your premises we can provide a subscription to HCube-It web services, we will simply build a pre-cube software preparing files in required formats to upload to our webserver and have everything run securely there; you just download the ready reports in any standard format you requested. You can choose preparing upload files by your means to save more money.

Please Contact Us to book an HCube-It demo or speak with our representative.

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